Mabra Flipper

Address: Fejedelem utca 4. Budapest 1221

You cannot park in our street so for those who come by car we advise to park in the panoramic bend (Vöröskúti határsor). Here you can find a parking place for about 30 cars. I ask you not to block anybody’s exit in the neighbouring streets, because it would cause unwanted quarrels. Our house is a 3 minutes’ walk from the parking place. If you go up the little street passing the No entry sign (on foot) you will find Fejedelem street on the left hand side and our house is on the left hand side with red wooden fence. If you come along Pedellus street you can go straight, along the one-way street, there you will find the parking place. This parking place is along Road 7, you can drive into it from every direction. On the attached picture you can find the parking place in the upper left corner and you can find red arrows showing the way to our house.

If you want to come to MABRA by public transport you have to travel to Kelenföld station and take the 150 or 250 bus. The best solution to get to Kelenföld station is to take the M4 subway, Kelenföld station is the last stop. There are two exits from the subway. Take the Őrmező exit. Be careful to ride the bus going to Savoya Park (250), or to Campona (150) because you can easily mix the bus stops and go in the wrong direction. When you go up from the tunnel turn left and search for the bus stop. You have to get off the bus at Szabina utca (9. bus stop), the information about the next stop is written inside the bus, so you cannot miss it. When you get off the bus, turn right, cross the main street and you will find Szabina street, go along this street, at the end of the street turn right, then take the first street on your right. This is Fejedelem street, No 4 is a house with red fence on the left hand side.