During gameplay we are following the IFPA rules.

MABRA rules

MABRA is a private collection, that’s why there are special rules.

Please bring slippers or clean shoes (you can play in socks too) and take care of the cleanness of our house.

You can put your drinks into the fridge on the basement, please put a label on them. During the tournament there will be a buffet where you can buy beer, soft drinks, coffee and snacks. If you drink from a bottle or from a glass please stick a piece of white tape with your name on it, on one hand nobody wants to drink from someone’s glass and on the other hand you will know that it is yours and you do not have to open another one.

Next to the big fridge for drinks you can find a smaller one, it is for food brought by you. Please put your name on your own food.

The refrigerators on the first floor are private, please do not use them.


Smoking. It is forbidden in the house. You can smoke in the garden or on the terrace of the first floor. Do not put anything burning on the wooden tables, chairs.

We collect waste selectively. You can find bags on the basement and in the kitchen where you can put the metal and plastic waste. (Crush it flash!). You can throw other kind of waste into the dust bin.

Abusing the machines (kicking, snapping to the wall or to another machine etc.) and uncultured behaviour entails immediate disqualification (in this case there is no yellow card only red).

If you attend a tournament please stay while you have to play, even if you are not in the mood, because if you leave or you play with bad grace, you spoil others’ game. It happens rarely that someone interferes into someone’s play, makes ironic remarks, please refrain from such behaviour. (Of course, you can make positive remarks.) Please respect each other and do not ruin the spirit of the tournament with personal conflicts.

Restrooms. You can find one on the basement, opens from the small room with the refrigerators and one on the second floor on the left hand side in the corner. Please do not use the toilet on the first floor. Do not enter rooms with Private label.

We use Matchplay for the qualification rounds. Unfortunately, the guest WIFI is weak, so you can use your own internet to go to the website and follow the rounds. The winner has to write the result on the computer in the living room, on the basement or on the second floor depending on in which group you are playing. You have to search for the actual round and game and you have to tick the winner. After that please go to the next machine and wait for your opponent.

In case of major malfunction, please search for an organizer ( guys in yellow t-shirts), they will decide what to do. If you have finished your round, it is not allowed to practice on a tournament machine. If you do so, first you get a yellow card then a red one.

The organizers think that this tournament is a game, do not spoil others’ chances with collaboration, giving a point to your opponent when you do not need a win, because you are in the finals or you have no chance to get into the finals, on no condition, let’s play a fair game.     

We wish you a great play and pleasure!

Mabra Team