15.02.2023 Warm-Up tournament

Warm-Up starts at 6 p.m. on Friday. You can arrive from 5 p.m. Checking in starts at 5:30 p.m. Good news for latecomers that you can join the tournament after 6 p.m, until the first two rounds have finished. However, if you miss the first round, you will lose 3 lives, if you miss the second round, you will lose two lives.


HPO registration link: http://tinyurl.com/hpo23

List of registered players: http://tinyurl.com/hpo23-list


Hi & Welcome!

We would like to sum up the most important things about Hungarian Pinball Open 2023.

The tournaments will be held from 28.04.2023 till 01.05.2023.

The sites of the tournaments: Budapest Pinball Museum, Silk Pinball Tour and Mabra Pinball.

Main tournament player limit is 128, but we can extend up to 192 players.

Registration starts at 10 a.m. 15.02.2023.

Registration fee:

Warm-up tournament, Silk Pinball Tour, Friday 28.04.2023: 16 EUR
Main tournament, Mabra Pinball, Saturday & Sunday 29.04.2023-30.04.2023: 35 EUR
After-party tournament, Budapest Pinball Museum Monday 01.05.2023: 16 EUR

Please complete your payment before 26 March 2023.

Do not forget that your registration will be finalized after you have paid the entry fee.

Please transfer the full amount to the following bank account:

Account holder: Adrien Sarolta Marjainé Brassó
IBAN: BE78 9675 2366 6586
Bank: Wise Payments Ltd;Avenue Louise 54, Room S52; Brussels;1050;Belgium

Please write your name and IFPA ID as a reference.

Refund is only possible if there are players on the waiting list.

Tournament formats:

Warm-up tournament             Friday 28.04.2023 6 p.m.
Silk Pinball Tour: 1204 Budapest, Török Flóris út 116/B 3. floor

Group knockout with 10 lives. Players are paired against each other in groups of four. Second player loses one life, third two lives, fourth three lives. 8 or 16 players will advance to the semi-finals, depending on the number of players. Semi-finals and finals will be held in groups of four. The first two players will advance to the next level. Finals will be played by 4 players.  

Main tournament       Saturday & Sunday 29.04.2023-30.04.2023
Mabra Pinball: 1221 Budapest, Fejedelem u. 4.

29.04.2023 Saturday Qualifiers at 9 a.m. and at 3 p.m.

Players are divided into groups of 16 according to IFPA ranking list on 31.03.2023. There will be groups who will start playing at 9 o’clock, and there will groups who will start playing at 15 o’clock. Each player plays every other player once in a group. (Round Robin). Best 8 will advance to Sunday’s semi-finals from a 16 players’ group.

If there are more than 128 players there will be groups who will start playing in the evening, so 128 is not a strict limit. In this case less than 8 player will advance to the semi-finals from a group of 16.

Ties will be broken on pre-assigned pinball machines.

30.04.2023 Sunday Finals starting at 10 a.m.

64 players will be divided into groups of 16 according to their results in the qualifiers. We will play again Round Robin. Best 4 players from each group will advance the next level. Ties will be broken on pre-assigned pinball machines.

On the next level 16 players will form 4 groups of four players according to the results of the previous round robin. We will play on 4 pinballs. Points will be 7-5-3-1. The first two players will advance to the next level. In case of tie the player with most wins will advance, if this is equal then the number of the second places will decide, then the number of third places and only after that comes a match on a pre-assigned pinball machine. Final will be in a group of four players on 4 machines.

Players who played on Saturday’ main event, but have not qualified on Sunday’s tournament have free entrance to the Budapest Pinball Museum!

After-party 01.05.2023. Monday 10 a.m.
Budapest Pinball Museum: 1137 Budapest, Radnóti Miklós utca 18.

There will be 13 group match play rounds. Best 32 (16) will advance. We will continue the semi-final in 4 players’ groups on three machines (in case of 16 players – on 4 pinballs), the goal is 200 % TGP.

You can follow the qualifiers on Matchplay.